Dreaming of new places,

Dreaming day and night.

Of people unknown

and unknown sights.

Embracing different cultures and languages new,

I wanna set out on a journey for the year through.

I am a gypsy soul,

let me be free.

I want to be a nomad

in different countries.

Don’t tie me down,

I’ll fly away.

To travel the world,

is all i pray.

Travelling, that’s my calling.

(copyright @ roving lioness)

An inspired and aspiring traveler, often penning down my stories while on road, sometimes poems too. Yes, I work full time and I work to Travel. Its only my recent 3 month stay at a distant strange land called Izmir in Turkey which made me realize I am a gypsy soul baby… Can’t be tied down to¬†one place..!

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