Lioness in a strange land – Izmir, Turkey

“Unknown people, unknown language but still something connected me to this place and I knew I was in love with this beautiful city!”

I was selected for this marketing internship in Izmir – the third largest city in Turkey. I was so so so excited. I couldn’t help but begin preparing the day I learned am going to Turkey omg! Okay I knew I needed to calm down. I knew am going to miss my family but then they were the reason I was there and they were so proud of me.

I applied for visa which was a lengthy process as the embassy officials were confused as to which category of visa to provide me, that’s funny because am I going for full time work? No! Leisure? No! So I needed an AIESEC internship visa and when I finally got it, I realized that the flight prices were going up. I needed to book my ticket ASAP and of the most recent date So I booked and left within 2 days!



Feb 18, the girl who hasn’t stepped out of her hometown alone was here in a completely different nation where the people were different, language was unknown. Thankfully, I was received by my host family and safely reached my new home!

Loved my host family – a Turkish couple in a relation then and married now and my AIESEC Izmir family. These people made me so comfortable in this strange place that I felt home – showing around the city, riding the metro and buses, getting down at unplanned stops, lurking around finally going home late. This went on for the initial week and then I joined the work.


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