You Start Dying Slowly If…

Pinterest is my love and I came across this poem on someone’s board. With due credit to ‘Pablo Neruda’, the writer of this poem, I want to share the most beautiful inspiration I have read today.

Wordpres powm.jpg

Share your thoughts on what inspires you. Are you also a writer,poet or simply like to read? Anything! Your thoughts are awaited! 🙂

My Expat Life in Izmir

College over, what next? Since always I have been a confused girl and in this confusion, I took coaching for MCA, government jobs (OBVIOUSLY!), thought of MBA (I still do) but none favored my luck or you can say, none interested me. One fine day, I came across an article for internships abroad online, my eyes gleamed at the word – ABROAD and I was glued to my laptop screen for next 5-6 hours, grabbing as much information as I could trying to find a contact.

Finally, I filled the query form, got a call back and the journey started! Continue reading “My Expat Life in Izmir”

Lioness in a strange land – Izmir, Turkey

“Unknown people, unknown language but still something connected me to this place and I knew I was in love with this beautiful city!”

I was selected for this marketing internship in Izmir – the third largest city in Turkey. I was so so so excited. I couldn’t help but begin preparing the day I learned am going to Turkey omg! Okay I knew I needed to calm down. I knew am going to miss my family but then they were the reason I was there and they were so proud of me.

I applied for visa which was a lengthy process as the embassy officials were confused as to which category of visa to provide me, that’s funny because am I going for full time work? No! Leisure? No! So I needed an AIESEC internship visa and when I finally got it, I realized that the flight prices were going up. I needed to book my ticket ASAP and of the most recent date So I booked and left within 2 days! Continue reading “Lioness in a strange land – Izmir, Turkey”

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